Thematic Group Leader of Aberystwyth Business School Delivered A Lecture for Business School Students of ZHBIT


On March 25th, Megan Williams, Thematic Group Leader, Accounting, Finance & Economics Senior Lecturer, Aberystwyth Business School visited Business School of ZHBIT and held an academic lecture entitled “Is There A Pension Crisis”.

At the beginning of the lecture, Dr. Megan Williams asked students a series of questions which inspired the students to think deeply and discuss actively. Then she introduced the basic information of the British pension system -mainly funded by government and young generation. She pointed out that it is very common that the actual retirement payments are less than people expected. The problem is that the retirement age of young generation should be delayed supporting the serious aging. To solve the problem, Megan Williams proposed that Government and local company should try to find the way to afford the pension and as young people, students should start saving as early as possible.

After the lecture, Dr. Megan Williams introduced the information of Aberystwyth University and Aberystwyth Business School and its cooperation program with Business School of ZHBIT. She encouraged students to participate in the program. In the Q&A session, students asked questions and Dr. Megan Williams answered patiently.


Introduction of Aberystwyth University

Founded in 1872, Aberystwyth University is the first university in the history of Wales. Aberystwyth University has relatively few international students, which can guarantee a better language environment and improve English quickly. Prince Charles of the United Kingdom graduated from the school and served as honorary principal of the school. According to the 2018 Thames Excellent University Guide, Aberystwyth University ranks 47 across UK. According to the “Student Experience Rankings” of the Times Higher Education Supplement, Aberystwyth University ranked sixth in the University Student Satisfaction Survey.

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